Ass Burn

3 02 2009


Oh my. Last nights dinner I think was a little too spicy. Like every other oriental, I love my hot food. Chili with just about everything thanks! But I do keep forgetting that its a very fine line between having just enough or too much chili. As it was, this morning I had to make deposits 3 times before work. 

So my cushy comfy bike seat finally gave way over the weekend. I went home on Sunday night and replaced it with one that I have had for a little while. It cost me a decent amount of money and the shop guy told me that it was one of the best seats thats going around at the moment. Seeing that a few of my mates swear by this seat, I bit the bullet and bought it. But I never put it on because Mr. shop guy said that the seat needed to be broken in – at least 2 weeks of busted and sore ass before it becomes my best friend. 

I rode to work this morning in my new seat.

Massive hot dinner + too many trips to the dunny + new leather seat = broken rear end.




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