Stan Smith

4 02 2009

adidasstansmith2whitegreenI got to meet Stan Smith on the weekend. “Who?” you might ask. Most people wouldn’t know this Stan person. I don’t blame them. If it wasn’t for my love of sneakers, I would probably never have known either. For those that don’t, he was one of the most popular tennis players at the turn of the 70’s. I was only born in 1974, so his popularity to me came via his signature shoe by Adidas. These shoes also happen to be my wife’s favorite sneaker. She has gone through at least 5 or 6 pairs. in the last few years. 

So on Saturday, Adidas had a little meet and greet autograph session with Stan at their Originals store on Chapel St. I don’t know the reason for his being here as there was next to no promotion about this micro event. He might have been here for the Australian Open (no…not to play you idiot). A total of 12 people were in line to get an autograph and/or photo with the man. Six of who were Adidas staff. I stayed for a total of 10 minutes, got my pic and autograph on a postcard made out to the wife, and left. 

I’m glad I got to meet Stan. He was a nice guy. 

” S…U…S…A…N….. man you orientals have weird names…”


“Smile Stan….. and don’t please don’t pocket my Sharpie”





2 responses

5 02 2009

nice photos homey!!! 😉

16 04 2009

I guess Edward must be a weird name as well…
Why Mum, must you have given me a weird oriental name…? Why not something like Bob?

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