8 02 2009


It’s been a pretty eventful weekend –  with it being Sooz’s birthday today, and all the celebration she did yesterday in the hottest day ever since records were kept in the mid 1800’s. But I can’t really think of anything happy to say when in the past 24 hours, Victoria has seen the worst bush fires in modern history. 


The mercury topped 46.6 degrees on Saturday. But when a welcomed cool change came in the afternoon, it brought with it gale force winds. These winds along with the hot temperature and dry bush equalled uncontrollable fires which were changing direction and catching everyone by surprise. Already more than 750 homes and 84 lives have been lost at the time of this post. Small towns have been literally burnt to the ground and people have lost everything. 


If you didn’t grow up in Australia like myself, a bushfire is something of novelty value. Something you think will never happen to you. I wasn’t in Australia for the ‘Ash Wednesday’ and ‘Black Friday’ fires but I have been watching the news coverage for the last 24 hours and this is no joke. I have never seen such devastation in such a short time except for in the movies. And the scary part is that these fires are only around an hour away from Melbourne! Having lived in cities all my life, I take for granted how serious this tragedy has is and has become. 

We have some good mates who have a property near Kyneton, and they have heaps of pets and farm animals like horses and chickens as well as a handful of dogs and cats. They say they can see the flames from their place and that the the road leading into their local area is black and charred. They now have to stay up all night to keep watch – just to make sure that if the winds pick up and the fires jump their property line they can pack the animals in the car/truck and leave. 


Just like everyone in the state, our thoughts are with those who have walked through hell and prayers with those who have lost their lives. 

Check the latest report HERE…

Pics courtesy of : BBC News, Washington Post & Daylife.Com




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