13 04 2009

The Easter long weekend has come to an abrubt end. Today was spent showing my mate Andre from KL (his reason for being in Melbourne is a story in itself..) a quick tour of the city spots while still shaking off the lack of sleep from too many early mornings if you know what I mean.

Two of those mornings we’re spent at Revolver after I finished work at 3am. Normally I wouldn’t care much for hanging out because I would rather catch up on sleep, but this time there were two awesome DJ’s which I have never heard off before till the weekend. I suppose they wouldn’t have heard of me either huh…HA!

Saturday morning was Mr. Doris from the UK who is a resident at Ibiza. The resident DJ’s at Revolver normally push sub-sonic disco and soul at that time of the morning, and so was Mr. Doris. His mixing was more than decent and his tunes were somewhat balearic with a splash of latin samba. So many drums. So awesome. Pretty fly for a white guy who looked like he would be an urban mountain biker who listens to KORN… 



On the Sunday morning I turned up to a rad ‘up-for-it’ crowd in the front room of Revolver being punished with bush-driven techno and breaks…by a hot asian chick! This person was non other than Janettee Slack from the UK. Originally from Hong Kong, this vixen type person had the entire room in the palm of her hands. Its always bonus points when you’re a good looker, but It’s double points weekend if you can also mix tunes. Plus she was almost too accommodating to crazed instant fans who kept hassling to have their pics taken with her. I really needed to sleep, but I liked what I saw so I stayed and watched while she played dirty with the crowd.





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