14 04 2009

You know those times when you have been at a rawkus party, normally at someone’s house, and it normally ends with shit broken or being covered in vomit or both. The parties where if you fell asleep on the couch that you would wake up covered with ‘toilet art’ and shaving cream, normally on your face. 

Well, the story goes…

…Danny had left his bike at the Heist store overnight and came back the next day to find it had been stickerd with random stuff. Danny had only had this new bike for a few weeks and was pretty devastated it had been vandalised….by Ritchie, who was down from Sydney for the weekend. The worst thing about the whole thing is that the stickers used were cheap paper ones that don’t peel off easily!

Anyways, Ritchie made the mistake of leaving HIS bike at the shop the next night. So as the laws of physics would have it, revenge was taken. 

I have no photo of Danny’s bike, but this is Ritchie’s…



What I cannot figure out is why do this to ANY bike? Danny’s bike was spotless and now its kinda ruined. Those stickers are a bitch to get off. And even tho revenge is sweet, its so sad to see this on a vintage Haro Sport….especially one in that colour. 

Poor form Ritchie. Serves you right.



One response

20 04 2009

are those hutch mags?

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