16 04 2009


Went and checked out this Sichuan restaurant for dinner tonight with Jason, Andre and Sooz. Jason picked and booked the place and did warn us that it was going to be a spicy meal. Being cool and all, of course we said no worries. Well, we now know he wasn’t joking when he warned us. We walked into a more than packed place with about 30 people waiting in line to be seated. While waiting for our table to be prepared, we glanced over at everyone’s meals and got a fright of our lives! Every single table had dishes filled with chilli! Having eaten hot and spicy food all my life, I kinda brushed off the fact that it only looked hot. Well was I ever so so wrong. Here is what we had…

Beans fried with mince pork….this was just just the beginning…


Deep Fried Eggplant….very spicy!


Sichuan Salt & Pepper Pork Ribs….even more very spicy!


Chongqing Chicken (house specialty) – Chicken Ribs with….you guessed it…..CHILLI!!! – Spiciest thing I’ve had in a long tine! 


These was the queue of people who had not made reservations. There were more people waiting outside in he cold…


As we were walking out we saw this being dropped off in the doorway. 



All this and the restaurant was called ‘DAINTY SICHUAN FOOD’….!!! HA!


If you think you are game…here is a REVIEW and info on where to find it.




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2 05 2009
Community College

oh my god, we went there a couple months back and ordered EXACTLY the same dishes apart from the chicken one. haha. I’m not into mega spicy food myself but I loved it. The pork was sooo good. Yum. I want to go there now!

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