19 04 2009

‘Oh-No’ played was in Melbourne for the weekend. He did a surprise (not so) underground show at Section 8 on Thursday before supporting EPMD on Friday night. I rocked up about 11 after work and he was an hour into his set. The place was packed and just about every new-school hip hop nerd was there. Unfortunately these are always made up of just the male species. 

Anyways, before the last couple weeks, I didn’t know of this ‘Oh-No’ person. I knew he was the brother of producer god Madlib and they both come from a bloodline of music royalty. So I was kinda expecting him to do some magic. I guess I should have known that these gigs are pretty much to showcase the current trends in music… plus its

 for the artist to chill and play random beats, do whatever, be themselves and rake in some props at the same time.

And thats what it exactly was. Wasn’t boring per se, but maybe a little too ‘raw’?

I tried my best to get a shot of his face but to no avail… 



…and that stupid cap again…






Tsubasa + Jase



I think Tsubasa had more fun doing this than being the show…





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