30 04 2009

So last night was a little unexpected. It all started with Mafia receiving a phone call in the office, something about De La Soul and their gang wanting to hang out at Miss Libertines. So happens, Mafia was spinning that night at Libertines and someone mentioned that DJ Maseo was bringing his tunes and ‘might’ have a spin if he felt like it.

From then it was a race to get as many people down to the venue as possible – cos if De La and their entourage walked into a a club that was packed and going off, they might actually feel like jumping on the decks. 

Between Twitter, Facebook and SMS, everyone managed to get almost 700 people down to Miss Libertines in 4 hours. There was a massive line outside from 10pm and by 10:30 it was a full house. Im sure many people were told to go home after that because the venue just couldn’t fit any more people in it. When De La finally turned up, they had about 15 people in their crew. Even Cut Chemist was there. And to everyones delight, DJ Maseo jumped on the wheels of steel and served up some wholesome hip-hop from back in the day.

As usual I didn’t get any decent photos. I blame the lighting and the dodgy camera. But from one of the pics you can just tell how packed it was. And to think that a few hours before no one knew about it. I LOVE Melbourne!



Go HERE for some decent pics…




2 responses

30 04 2009
1 05 2009

ive tried every manual setting combination possible and our camera does suck in low light situation. boo. i thought you was copping the new model?

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