1 05 2009

I confirmed last night that my camera is totally useless in low light conditions. It could be that I don’t know anything about how to use the semi-automatic settings on my camera – but I’ll give myself the benefit of the doubt and blame poor lighting. 

Somehow or another I ended up at the De La Soul concert last night at The Espy. It was a sold out show and I was lucky enough to get my name on some sort of list. The place was packed as expected, and I really wanted to see Cut Chemist. But it was so packed that I had to be content with being a mile back in the crowd looking at the projection screen. I did manage to make my way up to the front when De La was on, but it was pretty damn crowded by the time the got on – which was my only gripe of the night. We all know what they were doing in the band room cos the entire venue was filled with smoke from it….but to make everyone wait crammed up like sardines for more than 45 mins while they got blazed was not cool. Im not saying they didn’t make up for it by putting a good show on, but 45 mins?! C’mon. I don’t care who you are and weather or not you brought your 10 piece band who looked like they lived in St. Kilda to do a show.

All that said, it was still a good show…although Cut Chemist was the highlight of the night for me.



J.Period – Who incidentally is playing at tonight’s SNKR FRKR Launch at Revolver



This is the best I could do for Cut Chemist…



The waiting crowd – which ended up chanting things like “BORING!!” and “REFUND!!!



And don’t forget tonight for people in Melbourne….there are gonna be heaps and heaps and heaps of giveaways!!! Im not kidding.





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1 05 2009

What’s the go with squeezing everyone in the front bar!!?

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