2 05 2009


X & Hell

Last night was a massive day/night for me. Between getting 4 hours sleep the night before and lugging boxes of proddy up the Revolver stairs at 2pm yesterday, I was a wreck. Not forgetting that my first meal of the day was at 6pm and had to start spinning an hour after that. 

In the end it was all worth it because it looks like the launch for the latest issue of SF was a massive success. I don’t know if it was the free booze, or that J.Period showed up and played a set, or that Weapon X and Ken Hell were there. It could even have been that it was a good mix of different crews. I may be wrong but personally I think the showbags and literally tons of free product had something to do with it. Its pretty hard to describe how many giveawyas there were. For $10 you got to purchase the latest issue of SF, but it came in a bag with a tee or two or maybe even a jacket, at least 3 or 4 lanyards, a 2gig USB stick, heaps of stickers, a water bottle, a purse or wallet, caps or beanies, CD’s, condoms and a pair of shoes. Yeah you heard right. Everyone who bought a mag went home with a pair of shoes. 

And thats not all. There were 5 G-Shock backpacks filled with all of the above but with awesome shoes like limited edition Nikes. In one of those 5 bags there was also a HAZE G-Shock…which is a pretty cool thing to get for free.  On top of that we did product tosses all night and im sure everyone went home with something be it a keyring or a couple pairs of shoes. I still can’t believe that all the sponsors came through with so much proddy in 3 days!!!

Its really good to see that the sneaker scene is still pretty big in Melbourne..and pretty healthy as well. Props to all who attended and if you’re not too hungover tomorrow, make sure you come check out the swap meet at Section 8. 




Alienware…gamer geek shiz…



Product toss!!!



Don’t Forget!!!





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