4 05 2009

Sexual abuse is one of the worst evils this world has to offer. Its fact that it happens frequently, but its also fact that most of it goes unreported. It could happen to any gender and at any age. It might have gone unnoticed or it might be blatantly obvious. However it is used, it is very wrong and should not be tolerated in any way or form. 

There is always some sort of anti-abuse campaign in the works at any given time, but this one has sparked some debate. Its a little creepy, but I would like to know your thoughts…



2 responses

4 05 2009

interesting. creepy. but disturbing enough for ppl to send it around. not sure if it’s clear that it’s the same girl throughout the commercial too. a bit too draggy for me though. by the 2nd or 3rd viewing, i’d have gotten bored and it prolly wouldn’t register anymore.

5 05 2009

I knew Henry the octopus was a weirdo…

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