5 05 2009

Yesterday was fun. The Section 8 Sneaker Swapmeet turned out to be more or less successful. There were heaps of keen sellers with all sorts of stuff from their collections and the place looked really colourful for once. It could be that this is the first one we have had at Section 8 during the day so the venue looked like it had a mega bag of skittles explode over it. 

All the usual suspects were there but there seemed to be a drop in numbers as far as people coming to have a look. Not to say it was quiet but compared to the last meet, there were much less people. This ended up in a few sellers not doing too well, but hey, it was a good day in all. The weather held up and gave us some sun and I think (hope) most were pretty happy just to spend the day hanging out and meeting new heads. 

I would like to thank all the sellers for lugging al their shit through town for the day and also to everyone who made it down. You can’t say there wasn’t a shitload of stuff to look at. Next time will be better again as always. 

Hare are a few pictures…









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