11 05 2009


I don’t wear a watch much these days but I have a soft spot for technical looking watches like the bigger G-Shocks and all sorts of Chronometer type stuff. These watches almost always come with more than half a dozen functions if not more ranging from your basic stopwatch to telling you when the next eclipse of the sun is. When I saw this SNYPER watch I thought it was the coolest thing in a long time. It has a long list of features, most of witch the average human being will never need, and the half of that which I don’t even know what it means. Either way I won’t be owning one anytime soon cos it costs AUD$7500!!! I would be looking at a Rolex for that kinda money. 


– Waterproof up to 100m
– Scratch & reflect proof face saphire glass
– Scratch & reflect proof target engraved back saphire glass
– Fixed Bezel
– Steel PVD coated case
– Rubber strap with PVD coated Clasp
– Fixation bars allowing attaching extras modules.
– Movement, Self-Winding 7755 S black matte PVD coated Winding mass, blue screws, high-end finish and red Snyper logo engraved.
– Day date function
– Chronograph function
– 48 hours power reserve




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