14 05 2009


I have been obsessed with Jean-Claude Van Damme for the last week. Not to say that I never liked his movies when I was a kid, but I watched something on him the other day which sparked some sort of weird walk through his back catalog of stuff from the 80’s and 90’s.  Everyone knows someone who is a total Van-Damme nerd, who shows off by reciting movie lines. I never remembered the movies to be THAT good to remember the script…until now! 

For some reason or another I finally get it. You don’t watch Van-Damme for his acting prowess or the grade of the movie. You watch it cos most of it is so bad it ends up being extremely entertaining. Plus you cannot deny that he delivers some more than decent fight scenes. And there are so many quotes from all the movies that would rival ol’ Arnold Schwarzenegger’s in any of his movies.

Ill be doing a post on the movies that I have seen recently in the next week, so stay posted!





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14 05 2009

nut sooo cow
nut sooo cow
nuuut soooo coooow!

you forgot to take your… medication!

i cant tell you how many times i’ve seen kickboxer, double impact, universal solidier and bloodsport(they would be in the hundreds). my nan had a copy of no retreat, no surrender that we would watch nearly everytime we stayed over… ahh good times.

16 05 2009

Unfortunately I watched it last night. It was long and dragged out a bit. Hard to see him getting bashed so hard and not fighting back.

16 05 2009

I hope ‘In Hell’ wasn’t part of the movies you watched, it has got to be the least JCVD type movie I’ve ever seen..

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