11 06 2009


Who remembers instant photographs? More o the point, who remembers there being a lack of instant photographs in the last 10 years or so?

It seems with the explosion of digital cameras, the use of any other camera that utilises any sort of film and developing process has all but disappeared. Or so I thought….until I was on AMAZON the other day and stumbled upon the latest Polaroid offering.

Now ever since the demise of Polaroids, there has been heaps of novelty-type cameras popping up on the market. You know the ones that takes a tiny picture then prints em out on tiny little stickers so you can give em to your mates. But nothing has come close to the original Polaroid Instant Camera that we all remember. There is something about taking a candid shot, then waiting for it to develop right in front of your eyes on a normal sized print. 

Well, be prepared to relive those fun times again, but with better results. Say hello to the new Polaroid Pogo instant camera. Not only is it a regular 5 mega pixel digi-cam, its also prints your picture instantly – just like a Polaroid should!!! The awesome thing about this new version is that you can edit your photo before you print. No more wasted film and hopefully no more ugly shots that no one should ever see!!! And no more hard feelings when you have to decide who gets to keep the Polaroid shot because you can now print the same picture more than once so everyone gets a copy of that Kodak moment. 


The Polaroid Pogo will be available from HERE very soon…




One response

14 06 2009

do u have to shake it like the old polaroid picture?

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