29 06 2009


Im the first to admit that I know next to nothing about the WU-TANG CLAN. That means that I know even less of GHOSTFACE KILLAH. I know most (two?) of the more commercial club hits that he has done, but thats as far as it goes.

I thought with my name on the door and a few crew who were already going, it would be good to go check it out. You know, nothing to loose. People who weren’t going had heaps to say about what the show would be like. They had even more to say about the type of people who would be attending. Yeah sure every white boy from the suburbs who grew up in the 90’s would be there. Along with all the wanna be thugs who think that Wu-Tang is a race. But how many people can brag to their kids that they have seen (one of the) Wu-Tang Clan live?!

So I went. In true form, the show was all people said it would be. Shit at best. It could be that I was just a poser in the midst and didn’t really understand the culture, but if that night was in any way a representation of the true meaning of the word ‘Hip-Hop’, then Im happy to stay on the outside.

Every cliche that stereotypes what hip-hop in Australia was displayed. Although not as rowdy as I expected, there were way too many seedy looking dudes around. Fashion seemed to be stuck in the 90’s and there were a handful of drunks with a drink in each hand wanting to ‘nigga-greet’ you.

The sound was poor when Ghostface got on. Some say that it was because we were in the back – but I have been to shows here before which sounded better from the outside! So don’t gimme that.

I guess the best part of the night for me was when it was all over and there was a mass exodus out the main doors when the music stopped. More than a few ‘legless’ people were seen being carried out by their mates or the bouncers. And of course there was the punch-on. Started at the doors and poured out onto the street. But like the concert, even the fight was lame. The two were so intoxicated that they could hardly stand upright to throw punches. To top off a failure of a night, mates of the accused competitors chanted “WU-TANG! WU-TANG!”. Could this be any more lame?

That was my account of the night. I had a good laugh and I guess thats all that matters. Now I have a ‘Wu-Tang’ story for the kids.

Click after the jump for some extremely average pics of an extremely average night…




This was the closest we could get without being squashed in the mosh...

This was the closest we could get without being squashed in the mosh...


Upskirt!!! View from the outside of the ESPY...

Upskirt!!! View from the outside of the ESPY...







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29 06 2009

dude hearing this saddens me to no end, gary and i caught raekwon & ghostface at koko last year(08) in the ldn and i must say it was one of the best live hip hop gigs i have ever seen.

it was supposed to be raekwons only built 4 cuban linx tour feat. ghostface, but after raekwon did a cpl of songs ghostface came out and it was the GHOSTFACE show. his stage prescense was that of a king and his mic control flawless (it sounded exactly the same as on the record!!!). what the crowd were giving him in terms of energy, he was giving it all back 10 fold. hit after hit and some of his white label only tracks were even thrown in for good measure. you couldnt wipe the shit eating grin off my face that night as i felt i had been blessed by one of the best.

he played in ldn this year again, but we were at diamond d gig so missed out, and luckily we did as we heard it was a very lackluster show. sad to hear that it was the same in oz as well. maybe 09 is a bad year for him performance wise, but if i could wish the same experience that we got last year onto you guys, i’d do it in a flash.

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