29 06 2009

This video reminds me of when I was a teenager. We had this hill nearby which had roads like that and had hardly any traffic because the area was in council planning red tape. The only difference was that we were on skateboards. Someone would have the car and drive us up the hill and then meet us at the bottom again. We didn’t have any proper equipment so we made do with what we had which included bandannas, old rubber tires to stick on the soles of your shoes and mums driving sunnies. Good times!

Downhill 05

Downhill 02

Downhill 01




4 responses

29 06 2009

the SEX on your grip is amazing. hahah

29 06 2009

That photo of you guys kills me. So 80’s. Adrian, your glasses!!!

29 06 2009

the guy in the pic is my bro, dan. my glasses weren’t too far off either. i was the one taking the pics.

3 07 2009

H ! when are we gettin trikes ?? i wanna do this BAD !!

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