30 06 2009

Picture 2

You’d think that this would be a common thing these days. I mean, how come no one has thought about this and made millions yet?

I think that it is law in most work places (and homes) to have some sort of fire extinguisher device/system or at least a smoke alarm. But both you and I know that that is not always the case. Sometimes its due to irresponsibility, sometimes people forget. But I know a lot would say that having fire extinguishers take up space and are an eyesore.

Well, French company FIRE-DESIGN has come up with the most basic of solutions :-

‘If its ugly, then make it pretty!’


So tomorrow morning when you get to work – please check how safe you are from a fire at work, and if its not (which you hope), then hassle your boss for one or two of these to spark up (pardon the pun) the vibe in the office. If he shrugs it off, then slam him with the fire safety law thingy….

A few more pics after the jump.

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Picture 10

Picture 9

Picture 7

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