30 07 2009


Im not even gonna start bullshitting you about the fact that Im an art expert and know all about Japanese or Japanese inspired art. I normally do some groundwork before I post up on stuff, but damn Google turned up nothing and was no help. And the english translation of the site made even less sense than when it was in Japanese.

Koan over at NICE PRODUCE linked this to me and mentioned something briefly about the artists father – whom I don’t even know the name of. But one thing I do know is that I love some of this shit. Some of it might be a little obnoxious and rude, but most are very clever. It has to be the manga-esque-ness of the whole vibe.

Hit the jump for my favourites and a link to the site. If anyone has some info on what’s going on, do share.

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29 07 2009

My parents wanted to be different and give their asian children Dutch names. So growing up I was deprived of being able to have a cup from the novelty store with my name on it.

Continental ‘Cup-A-Soup’ recently had a promotion where you could get a soup cup with your name on it. Because my wife loves me, she went out and bought a ridiculous amount of soup so she could collect the tokens to send in for the cup.

Alas, after weeks and weeks of soup, my cup has arrived.

Now who’s boss?




28 07 2009

Oh snap! 4 Marvel Comics superheroes are gonna get the manga treatment from Madhouse, one of Japans bigger anime studios. So far only the trailers for Wolverine and Iron Man have been released. I wonder who the other two will be. The characters will each have their own series on Japanese television in 2010. For the time being, check the trailers. So sick.


28 07 2009

Wonder who’s taking the photo?



28 07 2009

Some say too much money can be a bad thing. It can also be used in a cool way like making this ad which I’m sure cost more than a pretty penny.

Everything has a price.

This is a dope way to spend it.


27 07 2009


It was just a few weeks ago that I had been really disappointed watching TRON again. I got really depressed when I realised after the first 10 minutes that he special effects that they used then hadn’t aged too well. It was so bad that it was almost unwatchable as most of the movie had some sort of what looked to be cheap special effect to make everything glow neon. I knew I should never have watched it and left my memories of the movie a good one.

Well won’t you know it. Disney is doing a new Tron movie. In 3D too.  And this one, although still looking like it was made for kids – is promising.


27 07 2009





Two of my most favourite bands from when I was a rebel and still to some extent today – are coming to Melbourne AGAIN! But this time they touring TOGETHER!!!


Slayer/Megadeth Australian Tour 2009