5 07 2009
The subject in question...

The subject in question...

Was at our favourite local breakky/lunch place – Tyranny Of Distance – and decided to try on of their side specials. It said plain and simple – ‘Kipfler Potatoes‘. But when I came, we were all delightfully shocked to see your garden variety Kipflers alongside what looked to be purple…potatoes?

Puzzled, I went home and did some Google work and discovered that this isn’t a ‘new’ vegetable. It’s a Purple Peruvian Potato and has been around since even before the Inca’s! They are also called the black or blue potato depending on where you’re from.

How come I’ve never seen them before? I guess not going to do the food shopping with the good wife at the markets makes me feel like a dumb-ass at times like this.

Kipfler Potatoes

Kipfler Potatoes

Peruvian Purple Potatoes

Peruvian Purple Potatoes

So what did it taste like? I suppose you don’t get many foods that have a rich purple colour. The eggplant comes close, but it looks pale in comparison. As the old saying goes, if it looks like potato (even tho its a different colour), smells like potato and tastes like potato – then it IS a potato. And thats what it was. The only difference I could spot was that it was a little more starchy compared to normal potatoes. Apparently these purple babies have a ridiculous amount of anti-oxidants compared to ol’ spud. Now go start a trend.




2 responses

6 07 2009

Looks fun, I want to eat these! I wonder if they make good chips.

I bought a purple sweet potato once and was dissapointed to find that when I peeled it, only the skin was purple. Boo!

6 07 2009

I’ve had these a few times before, they make an awesome looking mashed potato! roasting them sliced with sweet potato and pumpkin (and normal potato) makes for a colourful dish.

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