20 07 2009


Fresh milk is a pretty new thing for me. I really have only been drinking it for the last couple of years thanks to my wife who started buying lactose-free milk for the house. If you didn’t know already, most orientals are lactose intolerant. What that means in simple terms is that if I have regular fresh milk – I will feel nauseous and it will come out instantly. I will leave you to imagine what that means.

Most of us grew up with powdered, evaporated condensed milk. The only time I ever saw fresh milk in the house was when there was a cake or dessert being made. Saying that, I have always loved the look of a tall glass of ice-cold milk. It always looks so refreshing on those ads and I really do love the taste of it.

But the icing on the cake of my new found love of drinkable milk would have to be my latest discovery. Well. It was again my wife who put me onto it. I know its made for kids, but there are no signs saying that I have to be under a certain age to enjoy this. Im talking about SIPAHH Milk Flavouring Straws. And they REALLY work. Of course I had my doubts and I might have even laughed at the fact, but to my surprise the damn thing is awesome!

Yeah yeah you can laugh. Just don’t ask me for a spare one next time you see me enjoying a cold glass of flavoured milk – cos I won’t give it to you.







2 responses

21 07 2009

Can you bring me a bunch when I see you next? Mark would sooooo love them!

31 12 2009

i have them…i was like’ is really works..??’..
n i tot the straw is built from dairy too.i mean edible..too bad its not..
such a waste!

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