21 07 2009

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those that like Vegemite and those that don’t. You can argue that you might not like Vegemite, and that you like Promite or Marmite. Whatever. Same same but different. You either like the salty spreads or you don’t.

Anyways, I thought since I was on a roll of discovering novelty food additives, I would quickly mention something about a new version of Vegemite. The product is still on a trail and it hasn’t even been named yet. Its basically regular Vegemite but with cream cheese added. Now before you cite blasphemy, I can vouch that it taste bloody good.


The cream cheese actually tones down the tangy-ness just a touch. It also makes the spread softer and easier to spread. Great news for me as I often tear through my 102-seed-mega-multi-grain-wholemeal-organic bread while trying to apply regular vegemite. Plus – I usually have some cheese on my vegemite sandwich anyway.

I still haven’t given much thought about what I would call it. But I hope they keep this product on the shelves. Thumbs up from me.




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