3 08 2009


Continuing on with my obsession of unaffordable watches, I bring you URWERK watches. This German company is owned by 2 brothers and is relatively new to the luxury watch market. Established in 1997, they have since created some really eclectic time pieces that tickle me on the inside. But don’t let the japanese-esque quirkyness fool you. These awesome watches are filled with some very clever technology and they are all built with the same German attention to detail as they do with their cars. There is so much of it that you’re gonna have to read it up on their site cos I couldn’t be bothered explaining. The only gripe I have is that they come with a leather band instead of tech looking titanium links…


I was gonna duplicate someone else’s story about how URWERK has brought out a model that continues the legacy of a certain Patek Phillipe watch that was prototyped in the late 50’s, but It gets really technical and really made not much sense at the end of it. You can read it HERE and figure out if it was actually made to sound more interesting than it actually is.




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7 08 2009

Fuck, that’s badass!

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