4 08 2009

My wife Sooz is a little bit of a chronic email forwarder. You know the type of people that can’t help forwarding funny/witty/nasty emails – cos it helps with procrastination at work. Most of the novelty emails I get from her goes in on ear and out the other. But this mornings email I HAD to share.

It is a couple pictures of a toy…which is kinda hard to explain. See for yourself! My favourite part is the inclusion of the koala.

More info after the jump…



This is the brief at the back of the box….

Keep cuteness from overrunning the world and get The Avenging Narwhal Play Set.

This Avenging Narwhal set comes with three of the Narwhal’s natural enemies, each measuring three 1-1/2″ inch figures: a penguin, a baby seal, and a koala. Also included are four magical tusks to impale these animals.

Each of the four magical tusks has its own unique powers:

Crystal: mind control, hypnosis, global communication
Onyx: instant paralysis
Ruby: drains the blood of its victims
Ice: freezes water, creates icebergs, chills beverages

The Narwhal is 5-1/2″ long.Only one Narwhal per set

From the back:

For centuries, the Narwhal was the great mystery of the sea. With the body of a whale and the horn of a Unicorn, many people believed that these fascinating creatures were harmless inhabitants of the icy waters of the Artic Ocean. Recent studies, however, have exposed the secret agenda of these mysterious mammals and the true purpose of their extraordinarily long pointy tusks.

The studies revealed that millions of years ago, penguins, snow seals and koalas ruled the earth. For sustenance, they feasted upon whales, dolphins, and other sea mammals to the point of near extinction. But the Narwhal went into hiding beneath the ice of the North Pole, biding their time, planning their revenge and sharpening their tusks. Finally, they re-emerged, tusks gleaming with newfound magical power, and fought back against the adorable creatures that threatened their existence. The battle was long, and many Narwhal were lost, but their strong will and sharp tusks were enough to stave off the cute ones temporarily.

Now, once a year, in a continuous effort to keep their enemies at bay, the Narwhal leave their homes to embark on a treacherous migration to Antarctica in the hunt for baby penguins and seal pups. Many will not return… Along their journey, they will spend time in Australia, swimming upstream to the inland habitat of the koalas, where they will actually leap out of the water to spear the deadly koalas from their perches high in the Eucalyptus trees.


You can get one from HERE!

Make sure you check out the other toys on the site as well  especially the ‘Avenging Unicorn’ play set.




2 responses

4 08 2009

oh man. i so want an avenging narwhal now.

5 08 2009

I’m def using the ice tusk for chilling my drinks this summer.

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