5 08 2009


So I managed to check out the PHOENIX concert yesterday thanks to the hustling ways of my mate Gia. It was the second of two sold out shows and I only got told I was going an hour before.

I don’t really know how to elaborate the night even though it was a really good show. Probably the best live act I’ve seen this year for sure. We rocked up half hour before they got on, waited with the other 1500 or so scenester-esque crowd, the band came on and played for a good hour and a half and that was that. The vibe was good and the crowd knew what was going on and were into it. I guess I’m more used to going to watch my childhood metal bands with bogan mates, getting half pissed and screaming for a couple hours with your horns in the air. So this seemed rather mellow, but in a good way.

Special mentions go out to the lead singer -Thomas Mars, who’s voice was extremely clear and crisp, and the drummer whose name I cannot find anywhere. Also the sound in the venue was amazing. I have never been to a show at  The Metro (now The Palace Theater) and remember it ever being that crystal clear.

Hit the jump for a few more attempted pictures and the set list that we hustled off the sound guy!
















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6 08 2009

Yeah I went on Monday. it was a great show. I agree with your comments on the sound.

I’d heard nothing but negative comments about this venue so I was expecting the worst.

Props to the drummer who used his left arm for drums and played keys with his right.

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