28 08 2009

If the daily late news on TV is anything to go by, then it would seem that Melbourne (city) in the last 6 months or so, has spiraled into a scary place taken over by alcohol-induced-violence on the weekends. Reports of assaults and unprovoked fights have increased exponentially and the council is left in a confused state of what action to take.

People doing stupid things on alcohol or drugs isn’t really a new thing if you didn’t know that already. Media hunters are now faster and better equipped to catch the moment. CCTV cameras have also aided in reliving the moment pretty accurately. And what about banning alcohol? Maybe that would solve pretty much everything. But I guess there is too much tax to be made. More than enough to put up with people loosing their shit on it I bet…

More police? Less bars? Stricter alcohol laws? So far, nothing has seemed to work too well. I guess being the government and all, they fail to realise the laws of probability. Every year they promote city living to coax suburban scum who end up living in Melbourne. As the city’s population grows, personal space lessens. The more people around, drunk or what have you, roaming from one venue to another in the middle of the night. The more chance something is gonna happen. Simple.

I personally feel that everyone from club/bar/venue owners, the council and most importantly the general public should give more of a shit. Go out and have a good time, but be aware that you’re not the only person out there with the same goal. There is nothing wrong with getting shit-faced if you’re not hurting anyone or breaking something. Venue operators should take a bit of care and be more professional when serving alcohol. Be stern but you can also be nice. Its not hard. The council should not impose knee-jerk resolutions, which we have seen with the lockout law that was destroyed to bits. People will always find ways to party and if you do something stupid – they will do something even more ridiculous.


But just in case, I learnt a few moves from this guy. The vid is a little long, but you will be mesmerised with his intenseness. “HEADBUTT to the FUKIN HEAD!”




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