31 08 2009

I normally keep bike related posts to our crews communal blog, but yesterdays event was super fun I thought I would share a little bit with you. MDMA (Melbourne District Messenger Association) organizes an annual gathering of sorts which includes different activities for the day. This year it was a skid comp, trackstand comp, a footdown and a scrtach race around a fountain. There was also a prize for best dressed as it was an 80’s theme, which yours truly took out in style.

It would be hard to understand without seeing it, so ill let you make it out for yourselves from the footage and pics. If you know any bike messengers, you would know that they are fueled by beer, so you can imagine what the scene was like. 150 bikes, most of them being fixed, i think maybe 5 or 6 slabs or beer, 3 crates of bananas, a shopping trolly with a car battery, amp and speakers pumping out Black Sabbath, and a day full of laughs. I think the organisers were already half tanked when they got there to set up!


Apart from the great social gathering and booze, there were also some very solid prizes. Of course there was the regular token prizes like tires and tee-shirts, but there was also a $300 helmet, bike locks and a fair number of Crumpler bags. And to top it off, there were two complete bikes that were raffled off for $5 a ticket. Yes you read right. TWO! Massive props to DImmos (dude in the Hawaiian shirt) and the MDMA crew for throwing one of the best afternoons you can have on a bike this year.

Anyways…check out the vid and also all the links for heaps more pics.


You can check out the entire day in pictures from these links….









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