15 09 2009


You have all probably heard the news by now that Patrick Swayze has lost his battle with pancreatic cancer yesterday after a good year of battling it with everything he had. Like most people, I remember him the most from ‘Dirty Dancing’, ‘Ghost’ and ‘Point Break’. He didn’t always pick the best movies, but when he did he proved to the world that he was a force to contend with. I mean he even released a song that became a worldwide hit. And Im not ashamed to say that I know the words to it. There was a point in my teenage life that he was a credible idol.

This year has been a tough one with the world loosing MJ, Farrah Fawcett, David Carradine and now Patrick Swayze. Let’s hope that this is the last of the bad news for the rest of the year.

Rest in peace dirty dancer.




5 responses

15 09 2009


my thoughts and prayers are with the famil

15 09 2009

Don’t forget Roadhouse!

15 09 2009

I never really liked Roadhouse. Maybe I should watch it again.

The only reason any guy watched Ghost was because he had to bring his date to see it. At least back in my day that was the case… 😉

16 09 2009

dont lie hans , suz was with you at the cinemas passing you tissues and cupcakes !!

20 09 2009

Hahahaha. Don’t think I’ve ever seen Ghost – not my type of movie at all. Hans is scared of the types of movies I watch! LOL

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