9 10 2009

Im pretty lucky to have a bunch of really close mates in Malaysia. So when I come back, there is no shortage of things to do, people to see and places to crash. This time round I was fortunate enough to get given a fully furnished and equipped apartment to stay for a couple weeks. The place even has a pool on the same floor.

But due to it being a holiday, I have been getting to bed at all hours of the early morning, drunk. Only to be woken up the last 4 mornings at 7am to the sound of this killer industrial pounding akin to something out of a Terminator movie in THX surround sound.

You see, across the road from the apartment there is some excavating going on. And I think at the moment they are laying in the foundations of what is to be another mega multi storey building. There is no way to describe the sound if you never heard it before. Imagine living in front of a tram line and trams are going past every 15 seconds and then take that sound and multiply it by 100.

Below is a quick snap from my balcony. Just thought Id share cos its 8am and I’ve had 3 hours sleep.





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