27 10 2009


When I was in my teens, The Hard Rock Cafe in KL was the place to be. Not only that its was the hippest joint then with Harleys parked outside, it was also a place where we knew the floor manager then – Moo. Because it was an American establishment, the legal age for entry after 10pm was 21 as opposed to 18. So legally we weren’t old enough to be there but Moo always let us in. We would sit outside all night and watch douchebags parade their hogs back and forth and eventually go in when the bands start. The hype about The Hard Rock in general was so huge amongst my group of friends that we often went to the trouble of obtaining Hard Rock tees from different cities around the world just for bragging rights.

But in the last 10 years or so I personally haven’t heard or seen much of The Hard Rock Cafe. I know for a fact that the Melbourne branch has had its ups and downs of trying to keep its doors open. Maybe they never evolved from who they were. Maybe they just stereotyped themselves into the thing of ‘then’, rather than being current.

I saw this and it made me think of what a big thing it was for us back then. Hopefully this will be the start of the rebirth of The Hard Rock legacy. After all, rock music never dies.





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27 10 2009
Community College

OMG! So glad someone else loves Hard Rock Cafe as much as me!!! I love that 90s shit. I hate my 12th Birthday at Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu! It was the biznuss! Is there a Hard Rock in Melbourne?? I thought only Surfers Paradise had one. Once the giant guitar that lit up out the front of it set ON FIRE. It was awesome.

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