2 11 2009


Australian culture can sometimes be bewildering. It could be the fact that the country is only just over 200 years old and there isn’t a strong sense of tradition amongst its generations – which is compromised of ex-convicts, gold miners and opportunists who have fled their origins in search of a new beginning. This mish-mash of cultures and traditions in the years have evolved into Australian culture as we know of today.

I can’t speak for the rest of Australia, but in Melbourne there are two very important days in the year. The first one is of course Grand Final Day. It is the superbowl of Aussie Rules Football. To some this day is more important than Christmas.

The second most important day for Melbournians would be the first Tuesday of November every year – The Melbourne Cup Day. For the uninitiated, The Melbourne Cup is a horse race. Yup. You read right. Its a horse race and its claimed to be the richest turf race in the world. It has been deemed ‘The Race That Stops A Nation‘ and it sure is. Its so important that in the state of Victoria is given a public holiday on the day.

At first it seemed ridiculous to have a public holiday for a horse race to me. But I stopped questioning it once I realised that I had nothing to loose from it. I have no interest whatsoever in the whole spring racing carnival and even less interest in gambling – especially on horses. I don’t see the point in getting wasted in a car park all day dressed in a suit, watching women try their best to keep their fancy hats and facinators on in the wind.

Over the years I have come to accept this cultural phenomenon and my view has changed from cringe to smile as the day approaches. After all, I don’t really have to be part of it and I still walk away with an official day off.

Happy Melbourne Cup Day!




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2 11 2009

inside tip: buy the horse that is owned by a malaysian, its name is viewed

4 11 2009

I backed the winner! Hooray!

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