9 11 2009


I have a mate called Josh. He can sometimes be a little OCD when it comes to his hobbies. For example he has always wanted a Harley and thought wouldn’t it be great to be riding around Melbourne with a cool custom Harley this summer. Unlike most of us who sometimes display our dreams but never see it come to fruition – Josh made his come true. Within 6 months he has purchased, stripped down and customised nearly every part of this motorcycle.

Today he rolled through and showed it off and let me tell you it is off the hook!!! I never payed any attention when he told me of his plans and progress for the last 6 months. Now that I’ve seen it, I fully get what all the excitement was about. The pictures were taken at dusk, so they don’t do the bike too much justice. But even from the sub-standard pics this bike looks insane.

Everything was so thought through – the custom painted tank cover, custom leather etched saddle, oversized belt drive, custom exhaust system and pistol revolver throttle and foot pegs to name just the obvious. I was too bedazzled to input what he was telling me about every minor detail. Maybe he will post the parts list in the comments…

On ya Josh!

Hit the jump for more closeups….
















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10 11 2009

Thanks for the kind words H !! the bike is full of custom parts from the hand made and hand tooled raw leather hide , the forward controls(foot pegs) and hand grips are both dragway billet items and the open belt primary is 3 and a 1/4 inch wide belt . the arse end is a 250 wide tyre the standard tyre was 130 so i pretty much doubled the size of the original wheel ! Custom paint job was done by brian from dna paint and it was pinstriped and gold leafed by matt egan from extreme designs , the bike was put together with the help of my mate that owns dragway wayne (rachelle splatt’s) husband we have been mates for a few years now and i took the bike to him in feb and got it back at the start of november just in time for summer !!! so pumped i have watched way to much american chopper and biker build of on foxtel !!! see ya’s on the road ….

12 11 2009

Fucking awesome

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