12 11 2009


I remember when I was a little tacker, we used to get given this thing called PLASTICINE.  You could say that it was a cheaper and nastier version of PLAY-DOH. Being kids we never really gave it much thought that it wasn’t the real thing. That was until Toys’R’us opened its doors in Malaysia in the early 90’s. By then we were past playing with mouldable substances, but I couldn’t help but feel cheated that we never had any of the cool colours and packaging that came with Play-Doh.

Forward 25 years later and I have totally forgot how cool Play-Doh actually is. What’s even cooler is the new campaign that Play-Doh has come out with targeting the ‘cool’ kids and their parents.

See all 5 poster ads after the jump…


play doh 3

play doh 4

play doh 5





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