16 11 2009


Most of you who drink beer already know that there has been a trend of ‘low-carb’ products being brought out by the major companies to try and entice the younger generation to drink up. I guess the kids these days don’t wanna end up with beer bellies like their fathers before them.

Its then no surprise that Australia’s most infamous beer – VB ‘Victoria Bitter’ – has jumped on the lucrative bandwagon with its version is called ‘VB Raw’. It claims just a third of the calories of its regular beer, but promises the same amount of intoxication and bad hangovers. And because VB comes from the biggest brewery in the Southern Hemisphere, it is only natural that their promotion involves some of the country’s best talent as well as to give a Porsche away. Yup, thats right kids, you could win a custom built Porsche that has been stripped down and put back to its original vintage glory.

So I was very happy to find out that one of Melbourne’s favourite clothing designer was chosen as part of VB’s promotional campaign. Pete Le Creep of ‘For The Homies’ fame was interviewed about what he’s all about. He was also commissioned to make a set of custom overalls out of raw denim for the mechanic who was preparing the giveaway Porsche.

Hit the jump for all the promo vids so far and also the link to the VB Raw site to have a go at winning a dope ride…




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