8 12 2009

After 48 hours of debouchery, Sunday was finally here and it was time for my much beloved weekly bike ride with the boys. I rocked up with sleep depravation and a lingering hangover. That said I was happy cos It was a nice day and all.

But I did forget that today all the boys were racing in an ‘alleycat’. What more, this one included racing with proper bike couriers for about 3 hours. I wasn’t gonna race anyone in my condition so I decided to follow them to the starting point at Edinburgh Gardens to see them off and wander off after that.

To my absolute delight, Melbourne’s dubstep community had planned a renegade sound system in the same park and were setting up as the alleycat was about to start. Within the next hour around 200 people turned up and by late afternoon it was pretty much packed with people getting loose to rumbling basslines under the sun! You can guess where I spent the rest of the afternoon.

What a great way to end a massive weekend. Props to Kamo and crew who did this expecting 20 people to turn up!

Few more random pics after the jump…




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10 12 2009

wicked day! another one coming soon

10 12 2009
Community College

i love music in parks but it always seems to attract those people who are just a little too much ‘one with nature’ ala the dreaded cats. Haha. I shouldn’t hate, good on them, guess I’m just traumatised from Brisbane where EVERY SECOND FUCKING PERSON is one of those dreaded rainbow serpent types.

10 12 2009
Community College

p.s that dog is awesome

10 12 2009

I used to feel the same way about ‘friends of the earth’…but I absolutely love outdoor parties…specially shit like Rainbow Serpent.

You should come with us once. Is a life changing experience.

BTW – The dogs name is YOSHI.

11 12 2009
Community College

i met another dog called Yoshi!! He was a pug though. Apparently he was in a commercial chased by midgets, but that’s another story. Haha Rainbow Serpent, I dunno man. I have friends that love it but it just seems a little too…earthy for me. I kinda hate hippies (again it’s a brisbane thing, hot weather attracts them) but I guess if I had days to kill and heaps of drugs it would be doable. Come-downs scare the living fuck outta me though.!

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