29 01 2010

So its taken a good few days to get rid of the dirt from under my nails and from inside my brain. This years Rainbow Serpent Festival was awesome! The new site for the event was extremely well planned out and it accommodated more than 12,000 revellers more than comfortably. Heaps of toilets, amenities, facilities, activities and as usual there was no lack of weird and wonderful people to watch. Its hard to explain what the experience is really like if you’ve never been to one before. Imagine going camping with thousands of people but where everyone is happy….;)

The best part of the festival this year for me tho was the set time that I was allocated to play. I normally get dumped in the Sunday morning slot where there isn’t anyone on the dancefloor cos they have been partying all night and are probably back at their campsite recovering or sleeping. This year tho, I was lucky enough to be put on one of the main timeslots – Saturday midnight – where everyone is out to party cos well….it is a Saturday night!

Great as that sounded, I shat myself from the time I found out till the time I actually had to drop the first track. I probably peaked my stress levels just before I got on stage, when I saw how big the crowd was. There were probably a couple thousand people on the dancefloor and boy was it a sight! To my delight, everything went without a hitch. The sound was perfect, my equipment worked like a dream and the crowd was responsive. I don’t remember much after I finished. I think I partied for a couple days and had a rad time. Thats what people tell me anyways!

I wanted to quickly thank the crew I was with. Thanks for the support on the dancefloor and for the props. Everyone was super cool and to my knowledge we all had a great time. I know I was pretty grumpy before my set by that was just me being a worry wart. I do remember laughing heaps tho, cos my face was sore from laughter the next day.

Hit the jump for some happy snaps of the weekend….




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