28 02 2010

This is awesome but hella freakish lookin…




25 02 2010

For The Homies has some new prints in stock.

Check em out HERE!


25 02 2010

This weekend sees a first of its kind event in Melbourne called BUFFET.

Ive tried so hard to explain what this event is about, but im struggling to do it in a short paragraph. Basically the streetwear scene in Australia is not up to par with the rest of the world, even if we all think it is. Much of lagging behind is caused by the tiring old school ways of wholesalers and retailers alike, but they can’t be entirely blamed. The main problem stems from the lack of consumers for such a fickle and expensive industry. The fight for their everyday dollar is fierce and most turn what were good intentions into bad business tactics.

This event will hopefully bring everyone that makes up the industry and scene up to par with what is going on with the rest of the world. Most of the key businesses and influencial identities from the pacific region and America will be giving talks and forum discussions about their experiences and thoughts about pretty much everything that has to do with it.

If you give a shit about street fashion or for lack of a better word ‘streetwear’, then you should check it out over the weekend.



24 02 2010

Woody from Sneaker Freaker has a thing for American muscle cars. You might have seen his yellow 1970 Chevy Camaro around Melbourne or maybe even used in the film ‘One Perfect Day’.

Since then he has bought a couple of cars from America, the latest being this – a 1972 Plymouth Roadrunner!!!

I haven’t yet seen it in the flesh, but from the sound of it this thing is a KILLER!!! All I know is that its been immaculately restored and I hope its as good as it looks in the pics….

Few more pics after the jump!

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23 02 2010

A German company has come up with some awesome prints as vinyl stickers for your garage door. Some of the designs give a very cool effect of depth and illusion. I especially like the ones if you have 2 or 3 garage doors – not that many people who own more than one garage doors would ever be cool enough to put them up…

And not to worry if you haven’t got a garage – as long as you have one or more doors in your house, these guys have made stickers for them too…



21 02 2010


17 02 2010

I’ve been hanging out with a number of Thai boys over the last few months mainly because most of the guys who trick on their fixies so happen to be from Thailand. As you do when you start getting to know new people , especially from a different background, you start learning about their cultures and traditions. Some are similar, some are different and some make you think “WTF?”.

One culture that is shared amongst the Thai people and Aussies is the use of nicknames. A common example in Australia is just a shortening of ones real name. For example ‘Jase’ if you’re a Jason. Or Baz(za) if you’re a Barry. Sometimes its a take on irony – such as ‘Tiny’ for a big person.

But I found out that in Thailand, the nickname has nothing to do with their proper names whatsoever. Two of the Thai dudes I ride with all the time are called ‘Check’ and ‘Fiat’. Those are their nicknames. As you know, Thai names are un-spellable, so Im not even gonna try. For a long time I never thought anything of their nicknames. I thought it might have just been one part of their many official given names.

Over dinner tonight we were discussing names, and they told me that every kid in Thailand is given a nickname by mainly their parents when they are born. ‘Check’ – or so we thought, was actually spelt ‘CHEZK’… in short for ‘CHEZHKOSLOVAKIA’!!! When I asked how come, he told me that his father owned a footwear company back home that was called Chezkoslovakia!

I fell to the floor when I heard this. A little zany but kinda cool in a weird way. Not fully recovered from a what felt like cracked ribs from laughing, he also said that ‘Fiat’ was named after the car. I asked why again and he said that when Fiat was born, his dad had just bought a FIAT..!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Chezk said that your nickname could be from anything and most of the time its from something almost too obvious. Like how he knows two sisters back in Thailand whose nicknames were ‘Stereo’ and ‘Mono’. You guessed it. Their father owned an audio company!

Chezk & Fiat