9 02 2010

This year certainly started off with a bang for me – mainly due to getting extra gigs over summer and playing to packed venues every weekend. And just when I thought the weekends couldn’t get any better – it just did. The one that just went past had to be one of the funnest (and longest) weekends since….well…2 weekends ago!!!

And it was mainly due to the St. Ali’s Laneway Festival in South Melbourne on Saturday. It was basically a day of hanging out in the sun with people you knew or may not have, and watching graffiti artists paint the entire one side of this block long lane. There were DJ’s playing all day as well as fixed gear bike related activities which included an alleycat and some other spectator involved shenanigans. There was food and heaps of alcohol flowing but it was a friendly atmosphere. Many brought their kids for a look and the vibe was great!

Thanks to St.Ali and all the people involved including Jerry from The Operatives who organised all the music side of things. Hopefully there will be another next year or even sooner!

I didn’t take heaps of pics, but hit the jump for a couple of mine, a couple stolen ones, and links to some proper pics of the day….






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