16 02 2010

My man Jean-Claude Van Damme has a new movie. Unfortunately this straight-to-video is a little on the b-grade side of things. Nonetheless, it’s still a Van Damme movie and if he’s good enough to be in it – then its good enough for me to watch. The story revolves around terrorists securing an abandoned nuclear power plant and threatening to blow it up. They claim that the aftereffects would be much worse  than Hiroshima and just to add to the drama, they have also kidnaped the president of Russia’s kids. To top it off, the bad guys have a bunch of  Universal Soldiers that have been updated for security. The demands are for the government to release 100 bad guy prisoners and the only person in the world that can save day…yup, you guessed it.

With all this, you can see where this is going already. Most of you have probably guessed the entire plot from that. If you love action films that have more action than dialogue, then this is for you. It might not be the most intelligent movie around, but the action scenes spare no expense. And with JCVD, Dolph Lundgren and Andrei Arlovski (former UFC Champion) as the main characters – what more could you want?!

JCVD still has his rad kicks, Dolph is still a massive bonehead and Andrei just kicks the shit out of the both of them for pretty much the latter half of the movie. The movie is also a little more complex than what I have suggested, not by much, but I still enjoyed it.

I won’t spoil the ending for you. You should just go out and rent it for the weekend. Def worth the $4 or whatever it is they are asking for rental.

Click HERE for a mini-review I did of JCVD films!




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22 02 2010

hah this was at theaters in KL!

6 04 2010

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