8 03 2010

If you have a television and you watch the news regularly, you would know that Melbourne has been hit with some crazy weather in the last couple of days. Melbourne has been stricken with drought and 4th stage water restrictions that I suppose news of any rain is good. But no one expected the heavens to literally take a massive shit on this town over the weekend.

Funny thing is that 2 mins before the storm started, I said to Sooz that if the weather was gonna be shitty – then it should just hail and flood. Cos I mean, if it’s gonna rain cats and dogs, then it should just do it right. And I guess mother nature was listening and obliged happily.

So yeah, Saturday’s chaos WAS my fault. I asked for hail and she gave me golf balls.

I wasn’t quick enough to pull my media devices out to document the experience, so I stole some pictures from my mate Hanso’s facebook page and a vid from youtube. All after the jump.

Oh and here is a link to  one of many news stories if you don’t know what the hell I’m taking about.

This is Southern Cross train can see how much water is pouring down the open section onto the train...

Cnr Flinder & Swanston - One of the main intersections of Melbourne City




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