26 03 2010

I’ve been doing this commercial DJ’ing around town now for a good couple years at least. And I hate to say it but the regular punter in Melbourne these days have no idea about music. It seems like the passion for going out and listening to good tunes have morphed into a zombified stereotype that feeds on what NovaFM and Video Hits decide society should enjoy. The DJ’s also have a lot to answer for this. I know it for a fact cos I too succumb to the demands of the majority on a weekly basis.

What do you do though? I believe as a commercial DJ, one has to balance keeping the crowd without selling out too much. But what is selling out too much? Where is that line? At the end of the day the bar has to make money and the only way to do it is with happy punters – bad or good.

All that said, I feel privileged to be a resident DJ at Revolver. I think its one of the only venues left in Melbourne that has welcomed pushing the norm when it comes to music. Sure there might be the occasional rude pop track, but most of the time the music is of quality. What more people who come to Revolver come with their minds a little bit more open because of it’s music culture. This allows for the DJ’s to be a little more expressive than they normally would.

Drop in sometime and say hi. Grab some dinner from COLONEL TAN’S early and Ill play you some cool tunes.





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