30 04 2010

Just found this on my phone. It was breakfast Sooz whipped up a few weeks ago now. She’s the best!


29 04 2010

Im back!!! Getting the internet back again was almost better than Christmas yesterday. Not having it for 2 full weeks at home left me in a limbo of not knowing what to do at times. But I guess it gave me time to concentrate on other things I would have otherwise not done.

Anyways, I was gonna give you guys an update of what I would have posted in the last two weeks if I had the internet, but its kinda old news now so I won’t.

Tonight though I had the privilege of meeting one of my DJ heroes from back in the day – GENERAL MIDI. He was one of the biggest names when I was playing nu-school breaks. He came for dinner at Revolver where I was playing all night but I didn’t realise it was him having dinner and drinks with a whole bunch of my crew. Probably a good thing too cos I would have been so nervous. He did at the end give me props for the tunes which made me feel like a million dollars for a bit….

He will be playing with THE FREESTYLERS who are headlining tomorrow @ Brown Alley…


28 04 2010

I should have my internet connection back within the next couple of days. Its only been 12 days but fuck I’m having some serious withdrawals. So hang tight and I’ll be back blogging in a bit….


20 04 2010

Im starting to realise how much I can’t live without the internet. We have finally moved into the new place, but from the looks of things, we’ll be unpacking for the next few months, Everything was connected in a few days – power, gas, parking permits and even the antenna guy is coming in a couple days. I rang the internet company a week before we actually got the keys, but they said it woudl take up to 20 days to get connected..?! WHAT? Isn’t the line already there. Don’t you just push a button and it activates it? Fark.

Anyways, in my desperation, I discovered TETHERING. Its basically utilising the 3G utility on your phone to connect your PC or Mac to the internets. I have an iPhone and a Macbook, and with the USB connected and a few taps of the screen on the iphone – BOOM – IM CONNECTED!

Now who knows if the connection actually uses my data allowance for the phone…I guess Ill find out when I get my next bill. So until I have my ADSL sorted, posts on here will be scarce. Please be patient. Cos I have to as well.


16 04 2010



16 04 2010

…Bowie. Is better than you.


14 04 2010

Cheap eats at Colonel Tan’s @ Revolver Upstairs on Thursdays. Last week had the best vibe ever!!! Yummy Thai food to ease your tummy and non-abrasive rad tunes to soothe your soul. Come early or book ahead. Really.




13 04 2010

They say you can find unicorns under rainbows. So far…no luck.


13 04 2010

This is little Isaiah Holland. He has his mums eyes…


12 04 2010

Sooz & I are moving to a new place this week. It sucks. If you only knew how much useless shit I have. If anyone is free this Friday or Saturday, you are most welcome to come give us a hand. I’ll make sure you get great props and a massive pat on the back.

There might be a shortage of posts as well this week on here…..cos Im not sure if I will have the internets hooked up in time…BOO!