29 04 2010

Im back!!! Getting the internet back again was almost better than Christmas yesterday. Not having it for 2 full weeks at home left me in a limbo of not knowing what to do at times. But I guess it gave me time to concentrate on other things I would have otherwise not done.

Anyways, I was gonna give you guys an update of what I would have posted in the last two weeks if I had the internet, but its kinda old news now so I won’t.

Tonight though I had the privilege of meeting one of my DJ heroes from back in the day – GENERAL MIDI. He was one of the biggest names when I was playing nu-school breaks. He came for dinner at Revolver where I was playing all night but I didn’t realise it was him having dinner and drinks with a whole bunch of my crew. Probably a good thing too cos I would have been so nervous. He did at the end give me props for the tunes which made me feel like a million dollars for a bit….

He will be playing with THE FREESTYLERS who are headlining tomorrow @ Brown Alley…




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