7 06 2010

Im sure by now most of you know what an ‘Alleycat’ Race is. If you don’t, a simple explanation would be a bike race with checkpoints – normally through a city, normally illegal for a lack of a better word. You get some kind of manifest where you have to navigate the fastest route between the checkpoints. No rules apart except that of getting to the finish first with a completed manifest. A race that has developed from bike courier culture, it is now a popular underground activity for those who ride track bikes on the street. Thats the stereotype anyway.

Last weekend past in Melbourne saw the biggest ever alleycat in the world. There was a twist to this one though. It was more a fun ride than a race so to speak, because almost $10k worth of prizes were given out via raffle draws at the end to the 400 registered riders. So even if you came in last or went straight to the finish, you could have won a prize, amongst which included 2 complete MASI bikes!

Andy White from the ever popular Fyxomatosis website was the head honcho responsible for this event, and its pretty much the funnest event in Melbourne every year for the last 5 years. There are no rules as to what bike you could ride or what you needed to wear. Most riders come dressed up in costume or put together special (or not so special) bikes for the day.

Head over to Fyxomatosis for a quick report on the day and HEAPS of awesome pics. I only took a couple of shots, one being the bicycle ‘valet’ parking in the car park at the pub where the ride ended and presentations were done. Also, peep a pic of my lycra debut after the jump…but with Nikes on! Check out my battered shins…




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