29 06 2010

A couple of the Thai boys that we ride bikes with over the last 6 months have finally finished school and are heading back home to Thailand this week. So on Sunday we decided to do a bit of a mission to this spot in Melton somewhere that has been in heaps of skate/bmx/inline pics in mags and vids. We stuffed 8 bikes into Markee’s van, piled the rest into Andy’s car and drove out. For those that don’t know, Melton is a suburb about 40kms west of Melbourne City. It’s also where my wife comes from.

This spot so happens to be the overflow section of a dam – that because of the drought Australia has had on the last 20 years, hasn’t seen any water for at least that long. I won’t go into too much detail about what it is but hit the jump for the gallery of complied pictures that the boys put up on facebook. Not the greatest pics, but at least it will give you an idea of how massive the area was.

Josh killing it – Bunny hop barspin!

Im sure we were not supposed to be there and if anything happened, it could have been bad news. But there was already a massive hole cut in the fence and there were people fishing just next to where we were hanging out. Im so glad that we all decided to mission out cos it turned out to be such an epic day!

All the best to Arm and Chaiyo. Hopefully we can come and jam in Thailand with you guys next year. To the rest – Jordan, Markee, Fiat, Josh and Andy – LETS DO IT AGAIN SOON!!!

Hit the jump for a whole bunch of happy snaps!




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