29 07 2010

Most of my mates who I have only known since I’ve been in Australia (for the last 15 years?) would probably not know that I love heavy metal music. And for most it would sound pretty strange considering I play hip-hop and house for a living. Apart from what was in the top 40 charts, the only thing I ever listened to was hard, heavy and thrash metal in my teens.

My guy Toby sent me this vid this morning and it prompted me to try and remember all my favourite metal songs/bands from when I was an adolescent. So from now on I shall endeavour to post at least one clip a week on a Thursday from a band that I love or used to at least.




27 07 2010

I love this!


26 07 2010

If you’re into bikes, particularly BMX, and if you’re in Melbourne, make sure you come check this event out. For the first time ever, REVOLVER UPSTAIRS are hosting a BMX jam session/comp(?) with some of this town’s best tricksters. Complete with ramps and a funbox, the venue is clearing out their normal furniture and setting it up for some radness. And all this for free.


20 07 2010

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20 07 2010

It’s pretty obvious that I’ve been pretty slack getting up new posts on here in the last month or so. That would be mainly due to the new LCD television that we purchased just before the World Cup started. We also got it mounted on the wall to save space. I know people have been doing this since flat screens were introduced many years ago, but I’ve never had one in all the places that I have lived. So till now I still get excited from the novelty of it all.

I thought to myself since the world cup was only once in every 4 years, and that I had a brand spanker of a TV that it would be cool to stay up for a month and watch all the matches live. It was also convenient because I finish work around 3am on the weekends, just in time to catch the start of the later matches at 4am by the time I got home. What I failed to realise was that when I caught those matches, it would be close to 7am till i get to sleep!!! Which also means that I’m in bed till at least lunchtime the next day!

Worse, at the end of the FIFA WORLD CUP, the TOUR DE FRANCE began…..and the live broadcasts go till 2am most nights. All that including trying to catch the Moto GP and Formula One races…oh and not to mention the other important shows like MASTERCHEF and SEND IN THE DOGS to name a few.

And thats pretty much why I have been lazy on here. But I promise you its just a phase I’m gong through. Television is not all as bad as they say you know. You learn stuff. Like how I can do eggs like this now after 3 months of Masterchef….


19 07 2010



14 07 2010

This was the result of THIS night at Revolver