25 10 2010

This is pretty dope. Thanks Jonas!



25 10 2010

This is my man Jerry Poon aka JPS. A Singaporean that has called Melbourne home for more than a few years now, he is a legend in the Drum & Bass community here and also in Singapore. To my knowledge he used to run some of the best D&B parties and manages some of the key artists and DJ’s in the scene and it’s relate genres. He now heads a crew called THE OPERATIVES and plays regularly around Melbourne. And as though he has heaps of free time, he manages to produce music and is also known to be quite the cook….not that I’ve ever had the opportunity to see for myself…! 😉

His better half Renee Stamatis took these shots of him. Pretty smooth for a chinaman huh?



20 10 2010

This weekend DJ MAFIA and myself will be up in Brisbane doing a gig organised by the good people at LACED and FAMILY @ EMPIRE.

Make sure you pop by if you live in Brisbane. Its gonna be MASSIVE!!! Just remember that this is a ‘SNEAKERS ONLY’ event..


19 10 2010

Some of the boys found this basking in the sun at the FLEMINGTON BANKS the other day while we were in session. They poked it with a rock and it scurried into the drain and played dead for a long time. We tried to get it to surface to get a better photo but to no avail. It’s ‘waiting game’ was much better than ours.

To me it looked like an Australian Water Dragon. It had a bright green head and was over 4 feet long in total including the tail.


19 10 2010

Spotted outside BlueBar on Chapel Street after my gig at 3am.

I’d hate to see what it transforms into.


19 10 2010

…is when you have two different coloured eyes (iris), just in case you didn’t know.

Just like Freya from KNOG...


19 10 2010

NB1500 x SOLEBOX (1st Edition)