7 12 2010

Some bike guys I know decided a few months ago that they were gonna catch a plane to Sydney and ride back to Melbourne. For those who don’t know, its roughly 1000 odd kms. To add to that, its not just straight roads. And most of the scenery is pretty boring, not to mention riding on freeways with cars and trucks screaming by at more than 100kmph.

The journey took about a week and out of the 7 who started – only 2 made it all the way back. Some pulled out from injury, but I think the weather played a major part in it all. It has rained pretty much everyday for the last month and its not just normal piss weak aussie showers – climate change has brought heavy storms and unforgiving rain.

Point of this post is – Just wanted to give props to my boys Benzy and Ryan, the last two survivors of this crazy trip. Ryan especially is a fuckin’ hard cunt. He made the ride on a fixed-gear bike. And as though the whole ordeal wasn’t hard enough, he even had time to do brief updates on his blog while on the move via 3G.

Check the link below to see what the hell I’m talking about…

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One response

9 12 2010

Hey thanks bro!

Didn’t manage to ride fixed all the way though, had to ride single-speed for the last half of the trip as my knees were about to explode and I was pretty determined to make it home. Was still well-hard though.

Catch you soon!

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