12 01 2011

NIKE AIR FLIGHT LITE – As worn by Wesley Snipes in ‘White Men Can’t Jump (1992)




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25 07 2011

Where did you get those Air Flight Lites from?! I have every retroed pair except for the White Men Can’t Jump pack and the mids. I’ve seen the original version of these from 91. They’re one of the nicer colour combos. Are these retros? Those are SICK!!! They are one of my favorite trainers of all time. Do you know where I could get a size 12?

25 07 2011


26 07 2011

These are some really nice trainers. I remember the OG version of this particular colour combo. This was one of the best colour combos on this shoe. I love the Nike Air Flight Lites. They are very light and comfortable also. I don’t remember this particular colour combo getting retroed. Where did you get them from? Please respond…

26 07 2011

They are samples. Gift from Nike. Im not sure if they were retroed.

26 07 2011

Is there anyway that I could get a size 12 and do you think they could be retroed sometime soon? I don’t thing they were a general release. Btw Sorry for posting 3 times. I thought the comments weren’t getting saved.

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