18 01 2011

This year so far has already been pretty hectic for me. Apart from the lack-luster NYE I had, things have been good though. The general public seems to have started work for the year after the holiday period, but it looks like everyone has recovered from the new years mayhem and are still in party mode! There has been lotsa gigs and plenty of international acts to boot. So you could say I’ve been working but getting my partying done and meeting kinda famous people all at the same time.

The weather as you know has been a little on the crazy side considering its supposed to be summer. Most of the east coast of Australia has been pissed on by mother nature in the last few weeks. Southeast Queensland was submerged for a good few days and now the floods are moving into the north of Victoria. I’ve personally been glued to the 24 hour news channels watching in disbelief the destruction water can do. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any first world city flooded before. They reckon the worst floods pretty much on record. Like some kinda of natural disaster movie.

ABC News Online has put up some before/after satellite shots of the flooded towns and suburbs in Queensland. Gives you a good idea of how severe the devastation really was.

CLICK HERE for pics from ABC.NET.

You always see natural disasters happen to mostly rural and third world countries where hundred and thousands of lives are lost in one fell swoop. This time its happened to a regular city and suburban people, and its pretty close to home. Although the loss of life is a spec in comparison, regular everyday Australians have lost everything they own and possibly their livelihoods as well. All in a matter of hours. To make things worse, insurance companies are now pointing out the fine print and are being difficult in paying out victims.

I’ve been following THE ABC for the latest updates.

The cost of this has not yet been counted, but its def into the billions of dollars. If you haven’t donated, you should  – http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html




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